Croatia Part 4: Dubrovnik Day 2

Our second day in Dubrovnik we made coffee and had a quick breakfast before heading out for a hike to Mount Srđ. Instead of taking the gondola, we opted for the more rigorous path up the mountain. Climbing hundreds of stairs to get to the trail head, we passed a ton of vegetation and plants in peoples’ yards that were enviable. Figs, oranges, and limes, galore!
The view became increasingly good the higher we climbed on the rocky trail.
After zigzagging up about 1200 feet we ran into a herd of about 30 goats that were let loose to trim the grass. Some looked aggressive, with commanding horns and scowls, while others were just babies. They scattered as we approached and thankfully didn’t pose any trouble, except for photo bombing a couple of our pictures.
Onward. At the top, the view was spectacular to the east of Bosnia-Herzegovina. There’s a small museum dedicated to the Croatian War of Independence (1991-1995). We listened to a tour guide describe the times. Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia were all part of Yugoslavia after WWII. Croatia wanted their independence, but the Serbs, who knew Croatia to be a lucrative coastal area, established the self-proclaimed Republic of Serbian Krajina (RSK) within Croatia. The Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA) supported RSK and eventually attacked. After enduring months of bombing, Croat forces prevented them from seizing Dubrovnik and held them off at Mount Srđ. Obviously this is the SparkNotes version and you should research what really happened 😀 Interesting nonetheless!
On our way back down we ate lunch at a pizza spot nearby and ordered a prosciutto cheese pizza and a seasonal salad which hit the spot. Went home to shower and rest for a bit. Got back out and walked south to Sveti Jakor beach which was a trek, but so worth it. We passed a ton of busy beaches and resorts, but then entered a secluded street with tiny pensions, impressive houses with outstanding views, and the Villa Dubrovnik which you knew was swanky as only a glass elevator appears on the side of the road to take VIP guests to a paradise where the other half lives. Continued and passed feral cats and a green garden snake that was too close to Ian’s hand for comfort. Found stairs that led us down to an inlet where we found a sandy stone beach straight out of a magazine. A well-kept secret. There were maybe 20 people lounging luxuriously on towels and lounge chairs. A few drinking fancy drinks at the nearby grass-roofed cafe. Fell asleep on the sand and snapped some great photos.
Ate at a Thai fusion restaurant called Azur in the Old City for our last meal.
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