Croatia Part 2: Hvar in One Day

With pre-paid tickets for an early morning ferry from Split to Hvar, we were tied to a 5:40AM wake-up call. As per our host's instructions, we were to catch yellow bus number 60 which would drop us off at the ferry terminal in Split, 15 miles north of where we currently were. After blindly stuffing … Continue reading Croatia Part 2: Hvar in One Day


Croatia Part 1: Split (Duće)

The day we journey from Budapest to Croatia was an interesting one. From thinking our Hungarian driver had stolen our luggage, to getting evacuated from the Cologne airport and meeting a Croatian cabbie that I swear was my Uncle Shawn all while eating a record FIVE sandwiches in 12 hours, we finally arrived at our … Continue reading Croatia Part 1: Split (Duće)